The Annual DigiByte Tee Fight Competition 2019


What is this competition all about?

The overall objective of this competition is to engage the global community and produce three amazing tee shirts for the DGBAT.


Once the competition has ended, the top three designs will be available for purchase on CryptoBantam.

Winning Three

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All Entries

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Competition closed to new entries and voting

Why would I enter and what is the prize?

If you are a graphic designer, artist, or an amateur that is a fan of the project, entering the competition gives you the chance to make history as the creator of the first ever DGBAT tee shirt

Once the competition has ended, on January 10th 2019, the TOP THREE designs will be listed on CryptoBantam, available for anyone to purchase.

The GRAND CHAMPION will receive:

  • a free tee shirt of their design,

  • $50 Gift Card to use at CryptoBantam,

  • 30% of the profit from sales for 3 months

  • the possibility to feature future artwork on CryptoBantam

The creators of the 2nd and 3rd placed entries will each receive a free t-shirt of their design and will earn 30% of the profit of each sale as a royalty payment for three months.

How long is the competion open?

The competition will run from December 10th 2018 through January 10th 2019. During this time, designers can submit their artwork above, and the global community can vote on the designs they like best.


On January 10th, voting and submissions will end, and the three designs with the most votes will be victorious.

Additional information for Artists.

To enter the competition you only need to upload a web quality mock up image of your design.

Should you be one of the winners , in order for your design to be reproduced you will need to be able to provide a file that follows these specifications:

  • File Format: Vector or high resolution png (300dpi) at least 10 inches wide (max 12″ x 16″)
  • Background: Must be transparent – consider how your design will look against both a black and a white background
  • Transparency: Transparency/opacity effects in an image don’t translate well in direct-to-garment printing because the white under-base will show through transparencies, creating a speckled/blurry effect. To ensure the cleanest print results possible, we suggest creating graphics with solid colors only.

We will help you get your design print ready if you have any difficulty realizing your winning design.